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Diesel Fuel Surcharge:

The dramatic rise in prices for crude oil and fuel presents us with new challenges. nox Austria GmbH offers this to a mutually beneficial and cost-effective solution.

In order to create the greatest possible transparency and sharing the benefits with falling diesel fuel prices to our customers, we have introduced as part of the applicable tariff a variable fuel surcharge. This is monthly ajusted based on an index on the the average monthly diesel prices, calculated by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth.

The surcharge is the result based on the previous month. The underlying assembly of fuel costs please find enclosed:

Determination of the Fuel Surcharge as PDF

April 24 – 12%
March 24 – 12,75%
February 24 – 11,30%
January 24 – 11,30%
December 23 – 12,75%
November 23 – 13,50%
October 23 – 13,50%
September 23 – 12,75%
August 23 – 10,50 %
July 23 – 9,50 %
June 23 – 9,50 %
May 23 – 10,50 %
April 23 – 11,25 %

Dangerous goods:

In many sectors, logistics operations require the transport of dangerous goods. For example, they may be pyrotechnical objects of the automotive sector or chemicals for the life sciences. Please consult our dangerous goods guide for the precise transport options for your goods and the dangerous goods classes accepted at nox Austria GmbH. They also contain all the other information necessary for shipping dangerous goods with nox Austria GmbH. Contact our customer services department for personal advice on transporting dangerous goods.

ADR Dangerous goods declaration

Dangerous goods guidelines


ISO 9001 – the standard for quality management and quality assurance

ISO 14001 – the standard for environmental management

ISO 45001 – the standard for company health and safety management

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